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Adrenaline Stunts Extreme 3D


Are you ready to become the best stuntman in the world? Become a daredevil, get a bulk of thrill, excitement and a huge adrenaline rush with Adrenaline Stunts Extreme! Fasten your seat belt and perform amazing stunts both on and off-road! Fly high, do incredible loop-de-loops, jump through fire rings, drive at almost unimaginable speeds, jump on top of buildings and much more!
This game is about living life on the edge! Get ready to prove your courage to the world, drive your dream vehicles and do the most amazing stunts! This is the game that you have been waiting for!
Prepare to get your mind blown with the scariest and most amazing stunts!
Features:-Awesome Stunts!-Amazing Graphics!-Super Realistic Gameplay!-Incredible Physics!-ENDLESS FUN!
Ready to have fun?! - Download Adrenaline Stuns Extreme NOW!